Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halloween Wreath - for my BFF!

So my BFF was over last weekend and she really liked my Halloween wreath I made (couple posts below), so I decided to surprise her with her very own! Her favorite color is green and she just loves it!

I made a quick tip to Michaels to get another black wreath and some green ribbon and glitter spiders. Well they only had the glitter spiders in purple so i bought the black ones and thanks to Martha Stewart's holiday glitter kits (I got on clearance last year for a couple bucks) I was able to make my own sparkly green spiders in just minutes.

Sorry about the fuzzy pics...I took them with my phone, somehow even though I own 3 cameras, not one of them was here at home! LOL
It just so happened that I had another "spooky" cut out which was my "tester" for the other wreath I made using the glow-in-the-dark glitter. Instructions for this sign is exactly the same as the other wreath except instead of the Martha Stewart cracks punch I used the Drippy Goo punch and the papers are different. I tried to copy and paste the info but it won't let me, GRRRR!!
Again, sorry for the horrible pics...if I remember next time I go to her house I will take a camera to get better pics and update.
Thanks for looking!

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