Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Desk Halloween Decor

Hello!  So I finally tried and figured out how to cut fabric flowers using my Cricut!!  I bought some fabric quarters at JoAnn's and some fabric stiffener and they came out perfect!  :)  For this project I used Black, bright/lime green, purple and bright orange fabric.
I cut all the flowers using the Flower Shoppe cartridge.  Then I stuck a silver brad through the middle and taped the brad to a wooden skewer that I broke in half because I didn't need it that long.  I then wrapped the skewer with green stem wrap tape.  Then I glittered the brad with purple Stickles. 
The base is actually a candle holder I got at Costco years ago...It was a set of 6 pre-glittered tealight candle holders.  Each one has a different image.  I used a small strand of Christmas lights to light up the inside which is just wrapped around a small piece of that green foam stuff that is used to hold the flowers in place.  Once the glitter dried I just started sticking the flowers and the black feathers in the foam piece and this is what I got!!  
The orange spider is a little pre-glittered clip-on I bought at Michale's last year.

I made this little Halloween arrangement for my desk at work.  Here is a quick pick of my cubical right now:
As you can see I put spiderwebs and little black spiders all over the inside and outside of my "office".  :)

I hope you enjoy

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