Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blame it on Vegas Baby!

That's right! It's all Las Vegas's fault!! I am behind on my "Use 2" and crafting because of Vegas! LOL
So Friday night DH an I were sitting on the couch debating on what we should was about 8:30-ish and our options were to go have a drink somewhere or start a fire and watch a movie...then DH said"Let's go to Vegas", I said "OK" and 15 minutes later we were packed and in the truck headed to Sin City!! Talk about spontaneous, we have never done anything like this, I don't think. LOL It felt great to just get up and leave town for a couple days on a whim.
Obviously I didn't get any crafting done this weekend and will have to double up this week! :) We had a great time, gambled a little, drank A LOT, and saw a show, "Fantasy" at Luxur (which is where we stayed). Didn't get much sleep so I don't think I will get any crafting done tonight either. But who know that can's early still!

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